A few recommendations for you

Because I know that you are in DESPERATE need of recommendations from me, I thought I’d pass a few along…just because this week I’ve had some good experiences with house-related stuff, and was inspired to share the love:

  • Strand Brothers Heating and Air: they installed our new HVAC system about 2 years ago, and even after their work resulted in a partial collapse of the ceiling in my daughter’s room (all was well, this was before she was born), they did a great job making things right. They are on time and trustworthy. 
  • Chase Electric: Christian, I found out while he was installing new exterior fixtures on our house and crawling underneath it to do some investigating about a mysterious wire, went to the same high school that I did (go panthers!) - small world. He and Amar bonded on the front porch while contemplating the meaning of life. Seriously. Christian is a great guy and entertaining as well. All in all, it was a fun few hours that we had him over. 
  • Clarke Kent Plumbing: this was a recommendation from my realtor, and they did not disappoint. They actually came over this morning, were super friendly (and 5 minutes early!). Coupons are available on the website, and they gave me a follow-up call about 30 minutes after the work was done to make sure that I was satisfied with their visit. Good stuff! We’ve had 4 different plumbers out to the house over the 5 years we’ve owned it, and these were the best. Based on their Yelp review, it looks like some folks didn’t have a great experience. The guys who came today (one guy was named Ken) did a great job, very quickly, and it was right in the middle (dollar-wise) of the estimate I got earlier in the week. 
  • Marathon Realty - Luisa Mauro: Whoah to the oh!! Luisa is so fantastic. I think every single time we wrap up with seeing her, we get in the car and just talk about how we love her and want to be friends with her in ‘real life’ when we’re done with this house business. She is friendly, professional, prompt, honest and encouraging. All the things you need in a Realtor. Seriously. We love her.

Things I would not recommend? Ummm, dealing with the City of Austin. Oy vey. I’ve never sounded so much like a sailor as I did when I was trying to get our permits for our kitchen remodel. There were also lots of tears. And lots more screaming. But, on to greener pastures. 

In other news, an observation about life: 

Many would describe the weather we’re having here (including the checker at the grocery store today) as ‘perfect sleeping weather.’ 

I can tell you that I used to agree. However, I’m now keenly aware of two groups who would strongly disagree with that statement: Scottish Terriers and Toddlers.